Dirty Clothes, smelly socks and stubbly faces are all a part of living in the car. We’ve managed to have touched base with the normal world. I am at my Aunties house resting up and having  some delicious meals on deck chairs- it feels good be in a place where the last thing on your mind is when your next wash or meal is.

This week has been one of the best. Me and Tristan have seen the signs of Washington, the beaches of Cape Cod and the dive town that is Atlantic City. There were some wonderful places we passed on the way to Washington, but we couldn’t help noticing all the English named towns: Tiverton, Taunton, Exeter, Falmouth, Bristol, Plymouth, Winchester..just to named a few! Province-town in Cape Cod distinctly reminded me of St. Ives because of all it’s intimate galleries and seaside shops that overlooked the beach. Travelling from one extreme to the next we headed to Atlantic City- a casino town, but without the Vegas- where the buildings hung like stage sets in a forgotten film. It was an abomination; what only made us both stay was the cheap beers.

That weekend we stayed in Washington, seeing the signs and soaking up the atmosphere and culture. Me and Tristan went up the Lincoln Memorial, where we could see the whole city. Every building looked grand and glorious; until I noticed the White House. That cant be it?! Umbereigh Estate is bigger that that! I was so shocked: the American films do play it up a bit. In the rest of our Washington adventure, we went to George Town for the afternoon, then to a couple of student sports bars. From the five nights we had crashing in the car we luckily managed to grab a shower from a nice girl who we had met on the first night. It felt fantastic! After that it was one stop in Pittsburgh then straight to my Aunties for a shower.

I hope you like the drawings I’ve been doing and you can see how some of the drawings relate to what I’ve talking about.