Good morning bloggers and friends!

We have stayed with our good friend Alex for nearly two weeks now and with the car and insurance sorted we can now legally leave Massachusetts and head for the road. Myself and Tristan have had a brilliant time; we visited New York on the weekend which was a hectic place, full of noise, people and shops; it was a terrific place to draw. We walked anywhere and everywhere passing huge skyscrapers as well as coming across some intimate restaurants. It is a big city and found the experience to be full on- I found myself saying one evening “we are in a city that never sleeps”. It is so true.

The first place we will be driving to is Cape Cod, where we will encounter some great beaches and ‘America’s’ Falmouth and Great Yarmouth. After that we’ll head down to Washington DC to visit the White House. Hope you like some of the drawings I’ve been doing and if you’d like to comment, just leave a message on my website!

Cheers -ed