Howdy Neighbours!
This is my first week in Boston, America and boy has it been fun! Boston City is a
mazing, the people are friendly, food is plentiful and the climate is warm. Every where you go in Boston you’ll find restaurants, sandwich bars, food outlets; just loads of variety and taste to suit any hunger traveller. Myself and Tristan have now bought a convertible which will be used for sleeping and carrying both of us across the American Highway.

My six hour drawings I am doing are working well. They seem to be starting off simple, then gradually get more detailed. (See Above). The times I do them are 3am, 9am, 3pm and 9pm. Only 52 more to go! I will be heading to New York this weekend -try and see as many museums as I can- then we are off West to visit my Auntie in Indiana.

Thanks -ed