Hello hello hello!

Last weekend we went up to Chicago and visited the cities amazing sites: Millennium Park-with its huge water fountain, Anish Kapoor’s unreal ‘Cloud Gate’ sculpture. We went to Lake Michigan beach- where me and Tristan ran like English madmen into the icey lake! burrrrrr. Then saw a spectuclar site of Chicago when we went up The Hancock Tower, saw a couple of some monkeys in the zoo at Lincoln Park and finally went to the Museum of Contemporary Art.

There was a lot of things to see and do there and like the other cities we went to, we walked almost everywhere. We decided to visit all the art galleries and museums before my best friend Alex, arrived. The Museum of Contemporary Arts had one of the most exciting visual exhibitions on I had ever seen. The show was called ‘Take Your Time’ and work from the Iclandic artist, Olafur Elaisson. She used materials in the natural landscape- light, air, water and moss -and used them in a varitey of ways in different rooms where you were less of a spectator and more of a participant. Unfortantly, that evening we missed the free entry to Chicago’s Art Museum, and didn’t get another chance of going there again (mainly due to the fact I got wet running in the Crowd Fountain in Millennium Park…oops!).

My drawings, I find, are becoming less descriptive and more to do with the abstract line and the movement you can create within the page. The 3am drawings are giving me a whole different perspective into how I can experiment with drawing and sleep deprivation; where the body and mind are not functing simultaneously. Like the Surrealists who used their unconsciousness to create automatic drawings, I find that performing a drawing every six hours has started to make me think of a different way of seeing. One morning in Chicago I woke up not realising I did my 3am drawing..bizarre!

Myself and Tristan are now off to St. Louis in the morning, then to Nashville and most likley be in New Orleans by the weekend. I might not be back in touch for a while but I hope you are all enjoying what I’ve been writing and drawing

Speak to you in the South!