Hey ya’ll

Very short one, I am in a Libarary in Colorado Springs with little internet time on my hands.

When we left Indiana we went down to New Orleans, passing St. Louis and Memphis on the way. Then headed across West Texas, which was an amazing landscape, not what I would have expected! We were a Austin two weekends ago and that was really fun. Then headed to a Art town of Martha which had some extraordinary permanent sculptures and some interesting light pieces. We left Texas and headed to New Mexico where we stayed at two cities; Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Me and Tristan experienced a ‘in the desert’ rave, which was fantastic and very cool. In Santa Fe I went to a couple of the art galleries and also meet up with some great people who showed a different aspect of the town.

Were now going across the Rocky Mountains and heading to the Grand Canyon which is something I am very excited about!

Thanks for reading!