From May 2012 to February 2013 I have been helping the Art Society of Exeter University to design and create their new sculptural idea of a peacock.

The brief for the project was to utilize as much recycled material as possible and create an object or animal and display the final piece on campus. The construction of the new Forum building had finished in May 2012 which meant that students had a variety of materials to use for the brief. What the student found out was that there were a large amount of display boards made out of plastic and tin. These large flat sheets could bent, cut and drilled to create a variety of shapes and patterns of the body and feather of a peacock. It was also a good material to use for it’s reflectiveness to things around it.

After the initial drawings, I helped students think about the practicalities of the construction and to take into account the aesthetic overall value which shouldn’t be overlooked just to save time.

The students of the Art Society where responsive, open-minded and happy to get their hands dirty! Towards the end of the months the students were in full control and competent enough to be able to finish the sculpture themselves.

It was a great experience for myself and look forward to receiving any more projects in the future.


Peacock – 2013 – tin, plastic, wood, paint