At the moment it is difficult to display finished pieces as I am currently making work so I thought I’d update my blog with some shots of my studio and make comments about the work.

In the background is my first oil painting in over three years! Realising how long it had been I decided to have a month of colour mixing before I got started on this one.

Studio table full of knot books, rope, needles and tools for new ideas of rope sculptures.

A piece that tries to marry up a drawing and rope.

Anselm Kiefer and Richard Long both made work using these materials; Kiefer adding photographs to them.

A alternate half-hitch Monkey’s Fist knot wrapped round a cannon ball. I thought I could make more of these and have them around a gallery space.

Not quite finished yet as I have to put a bell on the bottom but its basically a Pagoda Bell Chime which was inspired by the Pagoda Bell Wind Chimes. One evening in the studio I was playing with a musket ball and realised that if I dropped it from the top it would roll it all the way down. It would be interesting if there was someway of making it into a kinetic sculpture.

Thanks to reading, Ed