With the up and coming exhibition at Exeter University in April I thought I would give you an update to the new work I’ve been doing in 2013.

These are some barrel ends I’m going to be using as information boards.

I went on a Winter crossing of the Mariners Way walk just to refresh myself with the route. It was a great experience and with having all the fields full of snow it felt like a completely different landscape.

The photograph shows 3 different types of rope. 3ply Tarred Marlin (Black), 6mm Hempex and 10mm Jute. The Hempex is a new material; it synthetic rope but looks like a natural fiber.

This is stage 1 of making a rope hanging sculpture. Measured out approximately 200meters of Tarred Marlin with twelve working ends.

This is the start of stage 2 of the rope sculpture. Approximately 3,000 double half hitch knots have been made using roughly 150meters of rope.

Stage 3 is where I hang an object to the end of the rope. My original idea was to have a bell hanging on the bottom but I want to have a different element of shipping and trade involved in the piece so I decided to use barrels.

Stage 4 is currently being processed…nearly there!