Artist Edward Crumpton continues his exploration of walking by visiting twelve islands off the British coastline to bring him closer to the elements of nature, study the geological formation and erosion of each island and investigate the essence of how and why humans inhabit remote places.

The islands Edward will be visiting are governed by the mainland and location of each island. He wants to be able look passed the horizon line of each island and be able to see another island with no other land mass in the way. As through it is a straight line across the sea. He wants to show the importance of how Islands have been, and still used as beacons in the navigation of the sea and use it to link each island he visits around Britain.

Edward’s practice uses traditional rope weaving and knot making techniques and wants to create rope screen sculptures that respond to his experience of each island. Rope has had a long history with islands and Mariners and wants to bring back this medium as art form in a conceptual way.

This project started in 2014 and will continue in the coming years.