Twelve Islands Project

15 December 2015

Artist Edward Crumpton continues his exploration of walking by visiting twelve islands off the British coastline to bring him closer to the elements of nature, study the geological formation and ... more

History of the Mariners Way Walk

South-West, England
09 April 2012

Created by Edward Crumpton, an artist living and working in North Devon, this sculpture takes its inspiration from the almost mythical Mariner’s Way, a 73 mile long footpath running from ... more

The Ebbor Gorge Walk

South-West, England
03 April 2011

The path to Ebbor Gorge meandered in and out of rocks and rubble, I was one of many who settled into it’s sites that afternoon, The sun began to rise ... more

Studio walk to Codden Hill

South-West, England
28 November 2010

The morning was icy, the sun was low, and the air was fresh. The metal nib snapped like an icicle as I drew my last drawing. ... more

The Braunton Burrows Walk

South-West, England
24 September 2010

24 Drawings – 24 Hours :- Clouds smoulder over moon. Grass glitters in the light. The wind is collecting sand. -extract from Edward Crumpton’s Diary at 2am, 22nd September 2010 ... more

The Two Moors Way Walk

South-West, England
19 June 2010

101 Drawings – 101 Miles :- 8 Days Walking 7 Days Camping 6 Days Washing 5 Day Maps. 4 Days of Sun 3 Days of Rain 2 Days on Exmoor ... more

The American Trip

America, USA
15 June 2009

4 Drawings a Day – 60 Days :- I wake up to my alarm which is instructing me to draw. It is 3am. Fumbling on the ground my hand reaches ... more

The Viking Way Walk

North-West, England
30 April 2008

6 Sketchbooks – 150miles :- I remember the preparation, the studying, the mapping, the drawing, the walking, the thinking, the noise, the calm, the colour, the daylight, the moonlight, the ... more