University of Exeter Exhibition

19 May 2013

A huge thank you for everyone who has helped towards my exhibition in the Forum this year, especially the Arts & Culture Team at the University. If you didn’t manage ... more

Studio Update: February 2013

16 February 2013

Hello, With the up and coming exhibition at Exeter University in April I thought I would give you an update to the new work I’ve been doing in 2013. These ... more

Overseer of Students Sculpture at The University of Exeter

From May 2012 to February 2013 I have been helping the Art Society of Exeter University to design and create their new sculptural idea of a peacock. The brief for ... more

Studio Update: December 2012

18 December 2012

Hello, At the moment it is difficult to display finished pieces as I am currently making work so I thought I’d update my blog with some shots of my studio ... more

Blog Update: Printing

15 December 2012

Hello, In the past few months I have created some new work with a different medium; print. The first piece I made was by using a process called photo etching. ... more

Leave Your Mark Exhibition Photos

24 September 2012

Hello, This month I have been exhibiting some of my Artist-in-residence work in St. Anne’s Chapel. If you didn’t get chance to see some of the work displayed I have ... more

St. Anne’s Chapel Launch Party – 11th August

03 August 2012

Please come to the opening day of the newly restored St. Anne’s Chapel where you will be able to see my finished worked from my Artist-in-Residence. Also happening this day ... more

Article in the North Devon Journal

30 June 2012

Hello please click here to read about me in the latest article publicising the open studio event, Art Trek. -Ed ... more

Read about Mariners Way sculpture at Exeter University

25 May 2012

This sculpture centres around the Mariner’s Way walk. The 73 mile route is recorded in 146,000 knots indicative of how many steps it takes to complete the journey. The Mariner’s ... more

Forum opening at Exeter University

02 May 2012

The opening of the new forum and seeing the Queen at Exeter University was a fantastic experience and here are a few photos from that wonderful day. The crowds beginning ... more