Here are some photos of my 2014 April solo exhibition at 44AD in Bath. It brings together all the different walk and journeys I have been on during and since my graduation six years ago. The large wall and floor space meant that I could experiment with hanging varying technical drawings and paintings alongside large sculptures which gave the public a change to engage with the physicality of the media and gain a stronger connection to landscape around them.


Title of exhibition, Midwives of Thought11-P1070106Step Line III & II from the Viking Way walk, oil and earth on board (2008)


Poem from Viking Way degree show (2008)1-P1070113

Small pen and ink studies on paper (2011-2012) and Markings of the Paths on The Viking Way, mixed media on board (2008)04-P1070013

San Solomon springs, leaving the grand canyon and three ink studies from the American trip, pen and ink on paper (2009)

Close up of To the four corners of the earth, hand knotted tarred marlin rope from Mariners Way walk (2013)


Braunton Burrows Series II,III & V from the Braunton Burrows walk (2010)

Pace from the Mariners Way walk (2011)


Marlin from the Mariners Way walk (2013)


 A collection of pen and ink drawings, passage house maquette and a map of the Mariners Way walk (2011-2012)