Author: Jess Pearson

Project End

As we come to the end of the project, we are reflecting on our project journey which spanned over 4 years, from 2019 – 2023. From the time we sat in a cafe in Dorset and thought about how we could highlight endangered crafts, to starting to write the Arts Council funding application and then having to put this on hold due to Covid-19. Many times, in the ...

Sandy Brown's Museum

Talk at Sandy Brown’s Museum

On the 18th of November, we held a talk at Sandy Browns Museum. The talk started with a viewing of the project's film and then was followed by a panel discussion between Hester Berry and Edward Crumpton. Jessica Pearson hosted the event and also asked both artists questions. The talk ended with a Q&A from the audience.

Wide shot of Sandy Browns studio with Hester holding up a tile and Sandy sitting down

Tile Making With Hester Berry and Sandy Brown

Sandy encouraged me to come to my first day of learning and making with no plans or preconceptions, to come with a totally empty head. This lack of a plan of action and not knowing what to expect put me slightly on edge but as soon as I began, I got into the swing of it and ideas began to flow.  I learnt some basic techniques, cutting the clay into flat sheets ...

HCARedList-2021 image

The Heritage Craft Red List

    Prior to 2017, The Heritage Craft Association, as it was called then, carried out extensive research and created a list which highlighted viable, endangered, critically endangered and extinct crafts. In 2017 The Red List was published and since then, continues to be updated to include more crafts as well as changes in the status of crafts already included.  ...

Edward Crumpton Podcast Profile

The Maker Series Podcast Featuring Edward Crumpton

I was thrilled to be included in The Maker Series Podcast this month. I enjoyed talking with Jess, founder of The Maker Series, about how I have built my creative business since leaving university. It isn’t always easy building a creative business in such a rural location, however, it is possible and there is a network of support and guidance if you look in ...