Month: July 2011

Month Six at St. Anne’s Chapel

As I ran into the Chapel on a wet summer’s morning there were heavy clouds overhead that loomed over the town of Barnstaple. Inside the Chapel I familiarised myself with the room and got to work adding three new pages to the drawing, adding in the school desks, display boards the wooden beams supporting the roof. Large parts of the drawing was heavily ...

Art Trek at Hay Loft Studio

My studio doors were open in June for North Devon’s Art Trek. The deterring weather didn’t stop people visiting the hay loft studio with over 20 visitor in all. They were able to take a look at the most recent paintings I made from the Braunton Burrows Walk and views across Codden Hill in North Devon. The public were also shown my current project, the ...

Month Five of St. Anne’s Chapel

The course of the five months I have been looking into the structure and layout of the different rooms in the Chapel and have decided to now focus on just one location that will be added to each month. What I envisage the drawing to become is a history of left marks on the paper as the room changes and becomes renovated into a light and spacious area. I have ...

Art Trek

Hello, If you didn’t manage to make Art Trek open studio’s in June please take a look at the some of the photos that were taken during June. If you would like to hear about any new work then please sign up to my free newsletter -Ed