The Mariners Way Paintings & Drawings

About the work

Mariners Way I, II, III, IV, V,VI – This is a series of six oil paintings taken from a wintry Dartmoor night when I was walking the Mariners Way. The gestural mark making technique combines my interest in Chinese brushwork and the carving of wood engravings. The wood engraving technique made me focus on the negative space which brought a new understanding into my oil painting. I also wanted the gestural brush strokes to act as a cut line on the canvas. The colour is significant as it seeks to represent the colour of the sea; a colour mariners would have been used to seeing.

Pace – The knots in this work represent each step taken on part of the Mariners Walk by the artist. The tally marks represent the record of each step prior to these being transformed into the knots.
To the Four Corners of the Earth

To the Four Corners of the Earth – This work explores the movement of goods between the Devon ports of Bideford and Dartmouth and the New World colonies of Newfoundland and Virginia.  This sculpture is inspired by the mast of a sailing ship with the triangular macrame forms representing the sails of the ship.  There are 3000 knots on each sculpture which represent the average number of miles it takes to travel from the UK to North America.  The goods exported including tobacco from Virginia, dried fish from Newfoundland, clay from Bideford and blankets from Dartmouth are represented in their raw material form in each barrel.


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