Rope Lines

23 February 2016

The rope lines series captures the ongoing relationship Edward Crumpton has with the material, tarred marlin rope. Edward discovered this material when he undertook research into an ancient walk called ... more

Mariner Way II

11 June 2015

‘Mariners Way II’ is made of contemporary materials in the form of a knotted rope sphere is now on display at the University of Exeter’s Streatham Campus. Edward has ... more

The Observatory

03 February 2015

A design competition to create a building for artist residencies commencing January 2015 was won by artist Edward Crumpton and architectures Charlotte Knight, Mina Gospavic, Ross Galtress & Lauren Shevills. ... more

The Mariners Way Artwork

05 April 2013

Three pen and ink sketches made on the Mariners Way A series of three oil paintings inspired by a wintry Dartmoor at night. These works were produced at the same time ... more

The Mariners Way Wood Engraving

04 April 2013

A series of woodcut prints inspired by Dartmoor in winter that were produced at the same time as the Moonlit Mariners Way oil paintings. ... more

The Mariners Way Sculptures

09 April 2012

Created by Edward Crumpton, an artist living and working in North Devon, this sculpture takes its inspiration from the almost mythical Mariners Way, a 73 mile long footpath running from ... more

The Two Moors Way

28 May 2010

During May 2010, Edward made the journey from Lynton to Ivybridge, across Exmoor and Dartmoor and recorded his surroundings by producing a drawings every mile across the two moors. These ... more

The American Trip

11 October 2009

Over a course of two months in 2009 I took on an art adventure where I produced a drawing every six hours across the great American Landscape. Travelling by car ... more

The Viking Way Walk

11 April 2008

Over the past seven months I have been producing a number of drawings and paintings that deal with line, surface and texture. I have wanted to focus my ... more